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christian mingle free account sign upChristian Mingle is a prominent niche dating site designed to bring Christian singles together in a community of people who share similar values. While it's possible for Christians to find each other on mainstream sites like Match.com and eHarmony, there is no doubt that Christian Mingle attracts a membership that places greater emphasis on religion in their daily lives. You can join this dating site for free by using the Christian Mingle free trial link below:

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Like many dating sites, Christian Mingle is free to join. When you first register for the site, you will be presented with a series of short questions. Among the questions you will be asked are which church you attended growing up, which church you attend now, and how often you attend church. It only takes a couple minutes to answer the initial batch of questions, and after you do that, your profile will be set up and you can begin exploring the site.

Here is what you can do for free on Christian Mingle:

If you wish to communicate with other members through email or instant messages, you will need to upgrade your account. Currently, the price of membership is anywhere from $13.99 a month (for six months) to $29.99 a month (if you pay monthly). These rates are competitive with what other mainstream dating websites charge.

You can use your Christian Mingle free trial account as long as you like, and unless you delete your account, it will never expire.

Related Videos

The videos on the Christian Mingle YouTube channel are short but informative, and we encourage you to check a few of them out. We particularly liked their video titled "7 First Date Tips," which you can view below:


Final Thoughts 

Christian Mingle is owned by the large online dating company, Spark Networks. The site currently has over 10 million members, making it one of the largest niche dating sites on the Web.

While it's certainly possible to find great Christian singles on other dating sites, we got the distinct impression that the people on Christian Mingle take their faith a bit more seriously than their counterparts on other sites. Therefore, if religion is a crucial part of your life, then you owe it to yourself to give Christian Mingle a try.

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