eHarmony Coupon Codes for 2015

eharmony 2014 coupon codesUsing an eHarmony promo code is a great way to save money on your online dating membership. Currently, there are promo codes that can give you as much as 73% off standard monthly membership prices. On longer subscriptions that last a year or more, you can end up saving a lot of money. More than other sites, eHarmony is a service geared toward people with long-term goals, and for this reason, it makes the most sense to use the codes below and sign up for a membership that lasts for 6 months or longer.

Get 72% off With a 12-Month Plan
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* Only $15.95/Month (Reg Price $59.95/Month) *

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Why Long-Term Memberships Make Sense

Unfortunately, the promo codes available at this time are only for memberships that last a minimum of 12 months. This may seem like a bit of a commitment to you, however, it's important to understand that eHarmony is a not a site where you should expect results overnight. The goal of eHarmony is not to find you a date, but rather to find you the love of your life. As a result, eHarmony's matchmaking system is very selective, and you may at times receive only a few matches per week. This means you will need to be a bit patient when using eHarmony and give the system ample time to deliver results for you.

Selecting a short-term membership plan may be tempting, but ultimately, it makes little sense because of the following reasons:

  1. You will likely end up using eHarmony for several months anyway.

  2. Shorter memberships cost significantly more on a monthly basis.
    (e.g. You'd only pay $15.95/month on a 12-month plan using an eHarmony promo code, as opposed to $59.95/month on a month-to-month subscription).

In addition to the promo code, you may also wish to consider the eHarmony free trial offer. This trial will allow you to join the site and use some limited features, allowing you to get a taste of what the site is like.

Does eHarmony Work?

There is an ongoing debate about whether matchmaking systems like the one used by eHarmony actually work. Given that eHarmony is responsible for 236 marriages every day, we believe the answer is a resounding yes.

The video below does an excellent job of summarizing what eHarmony is all about:


While you may not get results overnight, if you trust in the system and give eHarmony a chance by obtaining a long-term membership plan, you will likely be pleased with the results. If you choose a 12-month plan, remember to use the eHarmony promo code on this page to get the best deal possible.

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