First Date Ideas for Online Daters

Meeting someone you connected with on the Internet can be the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship, but not knowing what to expect on your first date can make you feel stressed out and anxious. One way to avoid getting nervous before the big day is to plan a date that will be fun and relaxing for both of you. It’s essential to avoid dates that might put your safety at risk or become too overwhelming if you find that you don’t have a romantic connection after all. If you are having trouble thinking of what you should do on your first in-person meeting, here are a few ideas to inspire you and help you plan your dream date:

1. Make a reservation at a unique restaurant
restaurant dateAlthough going to a restaurant is one of the most traditional date ideas, it doesn’t have to be boring or predictable. Sharing delicious food in a romantic atmosphere is one of the best ways to get to know each other and avoid the type of awkward moments that can happen in a busy, brightly lit coffee shop. If your date is up for it, try a restaurant that specializes in a cuisine that you have never tried before. Sharing the experience together can be a great way to break the ice and encourage conversation.

2. Take a cooking class
Taking a group cooking class will give you time to get used to being in each other’s presence without feeling the need to constantly make conversation. Unless both of you are avid cooks, pick an informal class for beginners. Most courses that teach simple dishes are meant to be more fun and relaxing than classes designed for experienced cooks. It’s a good idea to choose a course that includes a complimentary wine tasting.

3. Visit a museum
Art is the perfect conversational topic, and listening to your date’s ideas can let you know a lot about his or her background and tastes. Find out what type of art your date likes before picking a museum or purchasing tickets. You might also want to consider visiting an unusual museum that deals in a subject both of you are interested in. For example, historical museums are a great choice for history buffs, and they often offer fascinating tours that can be fun to experience with someone who shares your passion for a specific time period or event.

Always discuss your idea with each other before you finalize any plans to avoid choosing an activity that your date won’t enjoy. Don’t feel like you need to go overboard. It helps if you've had some time to become comfortable with each other online. If you want to explore more about online dating, I recommend starting out with something like the eHarmony free trial.

The goal of the first date is to find out whether the two of you are compatible enough to go on the second date. You should avoid planning a date that will last for more than three hours in case you find that you don’t have any chemistry in person. Pick a public spot for your first meeting, listen to your instincts throughout the date, and focus on the moment at hand. Whether you find the love of your life or decide you are better off as friends, you can still have a great time together if you relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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